Hi, your search is over if you want to look dazzling in summer dress. Enji Happy Care CR-10 Electric Foot and Hand Callus Remover has placed the solution in your hand. No more worries of dashing to beauty salon for your pedicure worries. Now you can flaunt your shapely legs and foot and enjoy the attention. Wear, whatever you feel like, open sandals if you want. With so much of convenience at your hand, you feel free to go for pedicure when you like. You need only few minutes a week to retain your attractive shapely legs, using your personal Enji Happy Care CR-10 Electric Foot and Hand Callus Remover.


Your personal piece of Enji Happy Care CR-10 Electric Foot and Hand Callus Remover, comes equipped comes equipped with all that is needed for giving you first class pedicure very cheap. The box contains battery powered Callus Remover tool, a grinding head and a cleaning brush. You just need 2AA Alkaline batteries in the tool to start using it. The two different rollers give customized pedicure. These gentle rollers rotate 360 degree. Its powerful motor has built in safety setting, it will stop when pressure being applied crosses safe limit. It is 100% tested and 100% guaranteed with waterproof design. Every ENJI Happy Care CR-10 Electric Foot and Hand Callus Remover is fully tested before shipping.

It is easy to clean and low maintenance beauty tool, easy to operate and inbuilt safety features.


Foot callus remover has unique roller, which grind 360 degrees to softly and effectively remove the dead, callused, hardened and dry skin on your feet. It just takes few minutes to get beautiful feet. The tool’s unique feature is its micro mineral particle that acts like turbo charged exfoliators. The scrubbers rotate 360 to turn defective, dry, flaky skin into a fine powder that brushes right off, with every use.
callus remover

If you were waiting for a safe and effective way to remove calluses, Enji callus remover is a perfect choice. This personal callus remover is used at home, and therefore removes the question of hygiene. There is no risk of infection.

The best part is that the product is scientifically tested for its effectiveness and safety. The rollers are safe for your skin and the powerful motor delivers results with no fear of any injury.

Unlike other home measures for callus removal (such as pumice stone, scrapper etc.), Enji callus remover offers salon like results. So, in just no time, you get smooth and clean feet and hands.

It offers a low cost way to get professional results. There is no need to book an appointment at salon and wait for your turn. You can operate it in the comfort and privacy of your home.

It is a simple and easy to use tool for callus removal. It is useful for both men and women for Callus removal.

Last but not the least; Enji callus remover is backed by money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the product and get full refund.

What customers have to say about it?

Lexie- “My feet feel so soft and smooth after using this callus removal. This best electric callus remover, you can use for both hand and feet”.

JB- This is a very cost-effective way to remove calluses. It is a value for money product.’

Still waiting for your appointment at the salon…Say no to pumice stone and other callus removal tools, and use this amazing callus remover to get professional results.

What To Look For In An Electric Leaf Blower

The convenience that leaf blowers offer when it comes to getting rid of all the leaves that litter your compound is unmatched by most other domestic cleaning appliances. Fortunately, the choice of leaf blowers is quite extensive, allowing shoppers to pick among various electric leaf blower designs and even work within their budget limits. Nevertheless, a lot more goes into making an appropriate leaf blower choice, and this is what determines whether you will regret your purchase or not. Here are some pointers on how to choose the best leaf blower for your needs.

What To Look For In An Electric Leaf Blower

toro-51609-electric leaf blower
Cord or Cordless?

The first step is determining whether you will need a corded or a cordless electric leaf blower. If your lawn is large, and filled with obstacles that would basically make the use of a corded leaf blower a headache, then you should stay away from all corded leaf blowers as you do your shopping. A cordless leaf blower would be more suited to your needs as you can move about to any part of your compound without having to worry about the cord getting caught up in something. On the other hand, if you have a small yard that is generally clear of any obstacles, then a corded electric blower would be a worthwhile purchase.

Noise Levels

You also have to take into consideration a leaf blower’s noise levels. Some blowers are so loud that you will even need quality ear protection while using them. This is obviously something most people would rather do without. However, even if the noise does not really bother you, it might be an issue for your neighbors, or even the authorities if you live in an area with strict noise pollution laws. So, take all these factors into consideration while shopping for your leaf blower otherwise you could end up having to lock it up in storage when it turns out that it violates noise pollution laws or causes your neighbors or yourself too much distress.

Your Cleaning Needs

Establish just how much blowing power you need to effectively clean your yard using the leaf blower. The cleaning tasks the leaf blower you are in the market for should handle has to be a huge factor in determining what blower you finally take home. Some yards require stronger leaf blowers, while others will do just fine with smaller ones. Obviously, if you need the more powerful variants of this useful household appliance, you will have to make compromises in other areas. To begin with, you will have to pay more. To some extent, buying a more powerful blower can also limit your choice to only corded leaf blowers, which, as we have seen earlier, have their setbacks. The powerful blowers are also much heavier.


Few people imagine that so much goes into choosing the right electric leaf blower. However, having to choose between cordless and corded blowers, make considerations about noise pollution, and determine whether a blower is up to the cleaning task ahead can make this process much harder. However, the only way to choose the best electric leaf blower for your specific needs is to take all these factors into consideration before making your purchase.